Published: 09/05/2017

If you have crooked teeth, you have probably considered orthodontics. Most people know that orthodontic appliances are valued for their ability to correct crooked teeth and improve the smile’s appearance. However, there are several other benefits orthodontics offer that you may not be aware of. Here are four surprising benefits you can enjoy if you choose to have your teeth straightened by various orthodontic methods.

  1. Cleaner Teeth

Did you know that crooked teeth are more difficult to clean than straight teeth? This is because crooked teeth are often packed too closely together, making it difficult to floss between them. Additionally, when teeth are set at an unnatural angle in the mouth, it’s more challenging to brush all exposed surfaces and adequately remove food particles. If you choose to have your teeth straightened, you will have an easier time maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping decay at bay.

  1. Greater Dietary Freedom

Severely crooked teeth can greatly restrict your dietary choices because certain foods are too difficult to eat when the teeth do not fit together properly. By receiving orthodontic care from an experienced dentist, you can improve your dental function and gain greater dietary freedom.

  1. Improved Speech

Many people are surprised to discover that their speech quality is improved after they receive orthodontic care. It is not uncommon for people with crooked teeth to have trouble making certain sounds or to speak with a slight lisp. Straightening the teeth can help correct these issues and facilitate improved speech.

  1. Greater Confidence

Straight teeth are more attractive than crooked teeth, and a straight smile inspires greater confidence and self-esteem. If you currently try to hide your teeth when you smile or speak, straightening your teeth could lead to improved self-assurance and a better quality of life.

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