Published: 08/17/2017

While the use of orthodontic treatments for various issues that detract from a healthy smile has become more popular over time, there are still a number of people who put off being evaluated for them due to misconceptions about their costs and benefits. Sometimes, those misconceptions revolve around the cost. More often, though, they revolve around the patient’s perception of themselves as a candidate. The fact is that most people could use help with corrections to their smiles at one point or another in a lifetime, but many will decide that their crooked teeth or gaps between them are minor enough not to warrant treatment.

Health Consequences of a Crooked Smile

If the consequences of skipping over the use of orthodontics were all cosmetic, this would be a far less serious issue. The fact is, though, that orthodontic issues are often exacerbated over time, and they can lead to serious consequences down the road.

  • Crooked teeth can create hard-to-clean areas that trap germs and incubate decay
  • Gaps between teeth can also invite gum trauma, for similar reasons
  • Over time, shifting teeth can become even more out of place, leading to misalignment
  • TMJ, bruxism, and other bite disorders may develop

Consulting With Your Dentist

The fact is that many minor orthodontic procedures are now accessible through a regular dentist. When you do need a referral out to an orthodontist for a more complex fitting, your local dental practitioner can still help by offering you a referral to a professional that can coordinate easily with your dentist’s office.

The first step to discovering whether or not you can improve your smile and increase your odds of keeping it healthy is making an appointment. Contact us as soon as you can to get on the calendar, and then start putting together your questions for the day of your appointment. That way, Dr. Moore can provide your orthodontics in Johnson City, TN!

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