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The lumineers procedure only took a few visits. we came in and Dr. Moore explained to me everything that he was going to be doing from start to finish. We came in and did a mold of my teeth, he did a few little bit of contouring around some of my other teeth, and set the mold off. We got the mockup in, he put that in and it looked fabulous. We made just a few minor adjustments once the final project came and I’ve been extremely happy with it ever since.

What Dr.Moore suggested was to get together and see what we can do. There were several options, as bad as my mouth was I had to go for the full whole nine yards. What I ended up with was the implant supporting dentures, which works great. They stay in tact, they’re just about like real teeth. It was so nice the first time, biting into a big hamburger and not having to worry.

I came in and I have a real fear, a real fear of being in a dentist office, and could cry. In fact I feel those emotions now, being in a dentist office. And he and his staff put me at ease and it was something I was very comfortable with. They assured me that they could take care of every issue that I had, and they could do it one day and could do it without me remembering any of it. That appealed to me. And so they accommodated what I needed to have done, and it was the best experience I could have for what I had to have done.

Dr. Moore’s office is very helpful. They accommodate my husband, myself, and my two children. It’s nice to have us all under one building when we need to come and cram all of our appointments into one. We can have a teeth cleaning while my daughter gets her braces adjusted. It eliminates the stress of moving to get everybody where they need to be. Dr. Moore is amazing. I’ve been with him almost fifteen years, and I really feel as though he treats my family as well as myself as a family. I mean we come in here and it is very comfortable and we really love this office.

So he sat down with me and he gave me three options. And the third option was the dentures, but with implants and that is the option I chose. So he put four implants on top and four on the bottom and then when they put my dentures in, you just snap them in or snap them out. You do not have to use any of the fixadent or anything like that, you don’t have to use it. They stay in tight, you can go to restaurants,you can laugh you can eat. You can not worry about them moving on you at all because they don’t.