Published: 05/11/2018

dental implants Johnson City TN

Do you avoid smiling because of your crooked teeth? Is there a space in your mouth due to a missing tooth? If you need both braces and dental implants but are unsure where to begin, you should go see Dr. Gregory Moore, a dentist in Johnson City, TN, who can help restore your mouth and improve your smile while answering all your questions.

The Benefits of Braces

Braces are used to straighten crooked teeth and close gaps in between teeth. While many people choose to get braces because they make teeth look better visually, they also help avoid serious dental problems in the future by aligning the bite. Misaligned teeth can lead to headaches and significant plaque buildup, thus increasing the risk of periodontal disease.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost due to decay, disease, or injury. They are made of titanium and set in the jaw bone. It is vital to replace missing teeth for many reasons. The implants preserve your dental health by preventing bone loss and saving the adjacent teeth. They allow you to eat food just as you would with regular teeth. They also boost your self-esteem by completing your smile.

Two Options for Treatment

Since implants do not move in the mouth like regular teeth, it is important to determine in which order treatment should occur:

  • Braces before dental implants: Generally, braces are applied prior to the insertion of the implant so that they can maintain spaces while teeth are re-positioned.
  • Dental implants before braces: Sometimes, implants are performed first, particularly when they function as an anchor for the other teeth, or when the teeth surrounding the braces do not need to be moved.

The treatment that is applied first will vary based on the specific needs of your situation, as multiple factors will go into what your unique smile.

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